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Brain Hacking Series

Enjoy some of the most popular articles from the current series.

Brain Hacking Fundamentals Part 1: Brain Biology and How It Impacts Our Behavior -  Everyone’s talking about brain hacking these days. From the malevolent reports that Silicon Valley is conspiring to get you addicted to your phone, apps and social media to the thousands of well-meaning YouTube videos “teaching” you how to hack your brain for success. Brain hacking is everywhere!

3 Ways to Tackle Unconscious and Implicit Brain Biases - These biases and heuristics can influence our decision-making and behavior without us even knowing it...You’d be surprised to know that studies across disciplines repeatedly lead to one humbling insight -- regardless of our expertise, education or profession, we are all susceptible to automatic cognitive processes that throw our decision making off course at least a little bit. 

Strengths-based Living Series

Enjoy the top 10 articles from this series (published in 2018). If you'd like to explore all 24 VIA Character Strengths to learn more about their benefits and how to practice them in the workplace, check out the Positive Psychology section below.

Iris Polit training session at Mastering the Art of Success online book launch, July 2017.

The Ace Success Formula

Just as almost every restaurant has a secret sauce, almost every coach has a secret formula. At Your Success Ace, we believe that knowledge is power so we share our secret forumla for free. Check it out!

Mastering the Art of Success Book Launch!

I am so excited to share that one of my lifelong aspirations was realized in 2017. I got the opportunity to write a chapter for Jack Canfield’s book, Mastering the Art of Success!!!   

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I got invited to do something really cool! As part of the live book launch on July 13, 2017, I was asked (along with a few other co-authors from the book) to film a 60-minute special training class about my chapter, Success Begins with “C”: Leveraging Clarity to Master the Art of Success. Best part? The entire broadcast was live!     

During the live broadcast, I was joined by Emmy® Award Winning Producer, and the Host of Ambitious Life, Greg Rollett as I guided the audience through 5 Steps to Gain Clarity. This was unlike anything I’ve ever done so I hope you were able to join us. If you were unable to attend live (or know someone else who could benefit from this training) no worries! Simply email me at and I'd be happy to share a recording of the training with you. 


Why Positive Psychology and Strength-based Living?

Positive psychology has allowed me to back up (with science) my approach to coaching and strength-based living has helped me and my clients put it into practice. Here are some videos for additioal exploration.

To learn more about the 24 VIA character strengths, their benefits, and ways to practice them at work, check out my 2018 strength-based living article series (originally published on LinkedIn).

Iris Polit On the Schmooze podcast interview, the Perks of Being Positive, January 2017.

On the Schmooze Podcast Interview

To learn more about my philosophies on leadership and success, check out this interview. In this episode we explore:

  • how leadership can be within a peer space and how peer success supports the team
  • how I embrace positivity and abundance, which is a core part of my approach to coaching
  • how hiring a coach can help you get unstuck and move forward in your career
  • morning routines that can help even night owls set up their day for success
  • the Ace Success Formula that I use to help clients achieve their goals