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Did you miss the live training during the launch of Mastering the Art of Success?

Every once in a while you get invited to do something really cool and give back. I was fortunate to experience one of those times last summer. As part of the live book launch for Mastering the Art of Success, I was asked (along with a few other co-authors) to film a special training class about my chapter, Success Begins with C.  

During the live broadcast, Emmy® Award Winning Producer and the Host of Ambitious Live, Greg Rollett, joined me to guide you through 5 Steps to Gain Clarity. This was unlike anything I’ve ever done and I was so happy that many of you were able to join us. But, if you missed it, no worries! A recording is coming soon so sign up for my monthly updates to get access to it once it's released. 

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About The ACE


From getting clear about your definition of success to ensuring you're showing up as your best self every day, I'm dedicated to coaching you to have a career and life full of happiness and prosperity.


Leveraging positive psychology methodologies and your signature strengths, I help clients get out of their own way to discover new paths to identify and achieve their greatest goals.


My mission is to help professionals and entrepreneurs in various industries to discover their strengths, develop new habits and take ownership of their success  to live a more fulfilling life

Customer Success

JB, Board of Directors President – New York

 “Iris is a constant well of inspiration. Her caring yet direct (no BS) approach has helped me "get out of my own way" (as she likes to say) numerous times, both while I was working in a corporate environment as well as after my transition to non-profit leadership. I've worked with Iris for over a decade and highly recommend her to anyone who's looking to make breakthroughs in their career and life. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and "get real" you'll get real results."

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